When Open Directory goes bad

When Open Directory goes bad

23/02/10 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Software, Networking, Mac

Open Directory is one of the harder components of Mac OS X server to recover.

I recently had two opportunities to fix bad OD services on two Macs running 10.6 server.

The first server was in a bad way. The OD was not accessible from Workgroup manager, and was not running in Server Admin. Users could not authenticate against the OD.

The usual poking around showed that LDAP was dead. Google lead me to:
sudo db_recover -h /var/db/openldap/openldap-data

Which failed. However, using man db_recover, I came across the option
Perform catastrophic recovery instead of normal recovery.
Which did the trick, nicely.

What caused this failure? Well, a fsck and then permission repair both showed issues. But since it was fixed, I did not spend too much time indulging in 'why'. I am guessing that hiccup caused some file corruption.

The second issue is a more commonplace one. It was a new Snow Leopard server install, and authentication against the OD was taking forever and accessing the OD via WorkGroup Manager was slow and painful.

This was an issue I remember from our early experiences with Leopard Server. Basically, if DNS is not up and running nicely, you get big delays accessing Server Admin, WorkGroup Manager and in authenticating.

This user had set up the server using a FQDN ending in .local. This seemed not to be working nicely. However, they had registered a domain to use with this server (the server will be doing some Web hosting), so a good FQDN was available.

Since there were only 10 users set up, and all the passwords were available, I exported the users and groups using Workgroup Manger and then demoted the server to standalone. I then set up DNS correctly using the registered domain name, and re-promoted the server to OD Master. I then imported the accounts and groups, and reset the passwords. I have found that it is quicker to do this than use the changeip command (and the rest) to change the Kerberos realm, and LDAP, because experience has shown that it is rarely a matter of issuing changeip.


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