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Current Hardware Projects

My attempts to build a super computer from old parts

This is all about my on going fumblings with hardware. Regular entries should provide an indication of the depths of my obsession.


10:59:20 pm Permalink iTunes new unplayed playlist   English (AU)

Categories: Software, OSX, 164 words
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08:35:31 pm Permalink Mountain Lion :(   English (AU)

Categories: OSX, 359 words

docs for Mountain Lion Server

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03:35:10 pm Permalink Mountain Lion - back to the past   English (AU)

Categories: Software, Mac, OSX, 98 words
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11:55:54 am Permalink Bandwidth   English (AU)

Categories: Hardware, Networking, 322 words
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06:39:38 pm Permalink Macs I have owned   English (AU)

Categories: Hardware, Mac, 952 words

this guythis guyupgraded one of them to a G4

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