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P3 1.4GHz in an AT case?

01/12/04 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Hardware, PC

Okay, so in the previous posts I mentioned that I have a BX mobo AT form factor. I also said it can be overclocked. In fact the FSB can be put up to 133MHz. If you saw the other posts, you know where I am headed.

All you need is a slotket that will support Tualatins (FC-PGA2), and a P3 1.4GHz, overclock the motherboard to 133MHz, maybe put in 2x 256Mb PC-133 RAM, and robert's your mum's brother...


Celeron 1.2GHz in an AT case! WOW!!! Pt2

01/12/04 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Hardware, PC

So what do you need?

An AT case (hmmm)
A BX (or better) motherboard supporting 100MHz FSB or better
Any necessary slotkets and/or slocket converters
A tualatin Celeron (these have 100MHz FSB)
Video card

Assemble the system (mobo in case, RAM into mobo, VGA card into mobo, hard drives, Optical drives etc).

Put the CPU into the slotket/socket converter(s). Put CPU into system and boot.

The mobo might report the wrong clockspeed, don't worry. Go into Windows and check in "System Properties", it should report as correct.

Now there might be cooling issues, so an extra fan or two might be good. Fans that plug into an empty PCI slot, or (with adaptors) can be case mounted. You might have to do some case modding.

What I have:

An Octek Motherboard
A noname (MSI) FC-PGA slotket
A Tualatin to FC-PGA socket adaptor from upgradeware
A 1200MHz Celeron
A thermaltake HSF
128Mb 100MHz CL2 Infineon SD-RAM
A19160 Adaptec Ultra 160 SCSI controller
8Gb Quantum Bigfoot HDD
SCSI CD-RW drive
AT Mini Tower Case



Celeron 1.2GHz in an AT case! WOW!!! Pt1

01/12/04 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Hardware, PC

Well, this was a project that I started (in various forms) a long time ago.

I got a 3rd hand Pentium system back in 2001 for free. It had 32Mb RAM, 133MMX, 1Gb HDD, 4X CD-ROM, ISA sound and ISA graphics.


So, I decided that I would try upgrading it. I had recently discovered eBay, so I began slowly building it up. First more RAM (64Mb), 166MMX CPU, and PCI graphics. But it wasn't enough.

I started doing some research to find out what I could upgrade it to. I discovered SuperSocket 7 and AMD. This had the advantage of AGP! Wow!

So, I started looking to see if I could get a cheap SuperSocket 7 with a 550MHz AMD CPU. At that point, they were about $80.

Bugger that.

So I got side tracked for awhile and bought various machines (servers, dual CPU workstations, macs, an A1 etc). But always was this ol'skool case sitting there begging for an upgrade.

Then one day, quite serendipitiously, I came across a Socket 370 motherboard with AT form factor. WTF! I had always been thinking that there was nothing better than socket 7 for in an AT form.

So, I bought it. But at that stage, there was no CPU, and I had better toys to play with.

Eventually, I got around to getting the rest of the parts and with a slow Celeron (it was of course a PPGA only mobo), built a system.

Mission accomplished. I sold it.

Many moons later, I seen a slot 1 motherboard. So, having by this time a number of AT cases, I built a new system based on 266MHz P2 (had only a 66MHz FSB).

Then, one day I saw a BX mobo in AT form factor. WOW!! I could put in a P3!!

So I built a system with a 500MHz P3. Speedier chips were too expensive (over $50, at a time when you could get new Durons (the 266MHz ones) for $70)... There were also limits on the voltage, so I couldn't go higher than about 650MHz. I looked at slotkets but didn't realise that they had voltage circutry onboard, but I could only use a 100MHz FSB chip anyways...

Well, time passes and I become increasingly wise. I came across more info on slotkets and on socket converters (putting a FC-PGA in a PPGA socket). Then I came across info on Tualatin CPUs. Faster than P4 Willamette! So, I bought a Celeron 1200MHz. I didn't have anywhere to put it yet.

I bought a tualatin to FC-PGA socket adaptor, and put the Celeron in a system (upgrading from a P3-450).

Some time later I discovered a BX AT mobo in my box of spares. It was slot 1 (naturally) and had overclocking features. If I had a slot 1 to tualatin slotket or even a regular FC-PGA slotket, I could put the Celeron 1.2GHz in an AT case.

Imagine that!

A crappy old early 90s (even late 80s) case with the clock speed display (just room for 2 digits), running a CPU that was faster than some P4s!



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