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07/04/08 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Hardware, Software, Amiga, AOS4

Got AOS4 classic up and running on the A1200. The A1200 has Mediator + Voodoo 3, Terratec and Realtek 8029AG. So far I only have the Voodoo working. There's only 192MB in the A1200. Hoping to pick up a thinner 128MB module to fit the BlizzardPPC.

Apparently, the Realtek 8029AG might be supported with an update. But there are issues with the faster 8039 and sound cards as these use DMA. Elbox (makers of Mediator) did a clever hack which uses the Video card as a DMA buffer for other cards on the bus. So far this is not supported in AOS4.

Performance wise, it ain't no AmigaOne. It is noticably slower, not unusable, but slower. I have yet to test the 68k emulation extensively. Paula works however, as well as native video. And even more cool, it handles the BlizzardVision and Voodoo better than previous versions of AmigaOS. Switching between the two is trivial.

All we are waiting on, is better PCI support, and BlizzardSCSI support, since I have no clockport hearers I am using just a buffered IDE adaptor, no FastATA, SCSI would be fast. AND we hope, the SharkPPC.


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