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12/05/06 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Hardware, Networking, Mac, Amiga, PC

Well, I need to fix the 9800 Pro (hopefully today). And fix the AthlonXP system I am building (next week, when parts come).

I am also going to build an Athlon64 3200 939pin based system. Probably, this will start as an ASUS All in One board in my old case (which I never ended up selling), with 512Mb RAM. I will dump some of the stuff from my old PC hard drives to the Mac. There is quite a lot of data, but some of it is duplicated. Then I will start my experiments with VNC and Remote desktop.

I also need to build a beige PCI Power Mac up. I am thinking of a 9600 or 7x00. The 9600 is a better machine, but a 7x00 would be smaller. I have a bunch of parts, including a 512KiB cache card, 400MHz G3, Twin Turbo, and a heap of RAM. The next stage would be to try XPostFacto.

I also need to try networking the Amigas (1200, A1, and 2000) again.


Rebuilding the collection part two WiFi

12/04/06 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Hardware, Networking, Mac, OSX

So, in the last post I mentioned dealings with the Power Mac and WiFi.

Once I got back, and got a Power Mac, I needed to network it with the Pismo. Since I had AirPort Extreme compatible WiFi cards in both machines (Broadcomm chipset), I decided this would be the way to go. Both machines were running 10.4.5 and AirPort was working as expected. I set up the network (computer to computer) from the Power Mac, and set up internet sharing. I initially ran in to problems because the PMac was still on 10.4.2. There are known issues with this version and 'third party' airport cards. The issues were fixes in 10.4.3.

This allowed me to use the Internet wirelessly from the Pismo by routing through the Power Mac. Very handy. I could also share the better iTunes collection on the Pismo and play it through iTunes on the Power Mac with its better Pro Speakers.

The only down side was that the range was about 3 metres. This meant that it was very slow or even not present, when I had the Pismo in front of the TV. If you recall, this was one of the aims of setting up a WiFi network.

At the moment, the Pismo isn't getting much use, so neither is the WiFi. This is because I have moved all the data over to the Power Mac and use it. The desktop is nicer, because it is faster (slightly), has a better screen (larger and clearer), and much better sound through the Apple Pro Speakers (Harmon Kardon globe type).

What this shows, though, is that it is easy to set up a WiFi network between machines, and get good data rates, even when not using official cards. It was easier with the Power Mac G4 and 10.4 than on the Beige G3 with 10.2.8. I still have to try it with the 7300 and XPostFacto.

Another note, there aren't drivers for Broadcomm under PPC linux. Terron has beta driver for Yellow Dog 4.1. I don't know how it works generally, though.


Beige G3 Rebuild to Wifi firewall

04/11/05 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Hardware, Networking, Mac

I am currently in the process of turning my old, dying Beige G3 266MHz into a Wifi bridge/firewall to fulfil my desire of internet surfing in front of the TV.

At the moment (as I type) the OS is being updated from 10.1.4 to 10.2

I have done a couple of things to the box. I installed a 6Gb drive, which came with a PowerMac G4 I bought, and might have originally come from an iMac. This drive is next to the motherboard on the lowest drive bay. I have reinstalled a floppy drive (this might be pointless, but better to have it there, for now). I don't have screws for the floppy, so I am going to bodge something together. I installed a DVD-ROM drive. This is a 6x from a PowerMac G4. I was considering a CD-RW for file transfer, but realised I could use a zip drive for that. It has a Zip 100 drive, but it needs a floppy power cable extension to work. I have ordered one, and it should arrive next week.

I have also added a 4Mb VRAM upgrade (not neccessary, but I had it anyway). It looks like one of the DIMM slots is dead, so 512Mb is the max RAM. I have 192Mb installed.

I whacked out a few dents in the chassis. I also need to check the speaker. No sound. I got this machine as part of a job lot. The other machines were fine, this one was in a pretty ratty physical condition. If it can't be salvaged, I'll just get the cheapest PCI 603 or better PowerMac I can find.

The other cards are a firewire/USB2 combo and the A/V personality card. Again, this might be pointless since it needs OS9 to work, but I had it anyway. The Firewire/USB2 is installed mainly because it was just lying around doing nothing. I originally bought it for the AmigaOne, but drivers are a ways off yet. There are drivers under 10.2.8 though. It could come in handy with networking or external drives, or USB devices. I might park my USB stick there.

I am also planning to add the WIFI card and a 10/100 network card (just need to find one with the right chipset). I might park some of my 512Mb RAM there, only 256Mb will show per stick, but if it is just going to lie around anyways...

I hope to pick up a G4 ZIF for cheap, but I am not holding my breath. Other possible upgrades are a large hard drive attached to a SII based card, gigabit, an external SCSI drive, proper RAM.

The aim, for now, is to get it working with the Wifi card, and try and find a fast ethernet card. Then I will use it as an ethernet/wifi bridge so I can use the powerbook in front of the TV. The software side of things will be taken care of by Mac OS X 10.2.8. It should "just work".

If it works okay, I might add a printer to make it a print server...

I have spent way too much on it, though. :)


Powerbook PowerMac Broadcomm WiFi

04/11/05 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Hardware, Networking, Mac

A couple of days ago, my Wifi cards arrived. I got a PCI and a Cardbus. Both are broadcomm based. I put the PCI one in a PMac G4 running 10.2.8 with all the updates (as of a few days ago). It was detected as an airport extreme card. I don't yet have a Wifi network up and running, so I couldn't do much more testing. The PowerMac G4 is gone now. I am going to try it in a beige G3. I will post again on that in a moment.

I put the Cardbus Wifi card into a PowerBook G3 Pismo running 10.4.3 and all the updates as of 24hours ago (early 3rd Nov 2005). It was detected as airport extreme. So far so good. I took it into Uni to test the network there, but I couldn't find a hotspot. I will test it again when I have more time.

Both cards together with postage were cheaper than 1 airport extreme card on, or about 2/3 the cost of an airport (11b) card. It pays to know your stuff.

But now onto phase two.


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