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New Blogs

I'm adding three new blogs today. One on Programming, for all the bits and pieces of programming I come across, another on System Administration, for all the sysadmin stuff I discover day to day, and one dedicated to what is the central purpose of the site: freeing intellectual property.

I'm going to fold the Politics blog into the new Free IP blog, as the material is not so much about Politics in general, but about the political and philosophical considerations of Intellectual Property.


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Board closed

The Board is closed until I get some better Spam filter in there. At the moment the VAST bulk is spam. Interesting in itself, but it does take up room and generate unnecessary traffic.


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Progress Report

Well, it might seem like not much has happened. That's pretty much the case.

I have the blog and board setup and working. I have added a heap of stuff to the shop. I have added an octamed links page, and tidied some stuff up. I have also added some blog entries.

The problem at the moment is traffic :) There are no entries on the board excepting mine, and only very, very rare emails.

I have some things I'd like to add to the website, an essay I wrote on the free trade agreement and IP, and some media distribution systems.

I'd also like to setup a "Prior Art" repositry. Basically a place where people can upload descriptions of 'inventions' and other IP that would qualify as prior art if anyone tries to patent later. The hope is to make some of the obvious stuff, like radios on frying pans, unpatentable. The grand dream is a repositry that would be accessed by patent examiners.

Anyways, I should actually start doing some of this instead of yammering about it :)


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Time Fixed!

Okay, I've fixed the blog time. The server is on Chicago time, I had it set up based on UTC, so it was 5 hours off :)

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Second update

I have fixed the forum now. It is at freeip.org/board. So it should be getting some traffic. Probably, I will add more Fora, and maybe some stickies. But I will see how it goes.
I have also got rid of most of the dead links, and fixed some errors. There is now a page at the shop and at the mac subdomain.
I have also figured out how to add links in the blog :)
A couple more blog entries have been done.
I have added links to the blog and board on the main page and the Mac page.
On the short term to do list is filling out the main site, adding links to the board and blogs on the other subdomains, getting some pictures on the site, and doing a couple more blog and board posts.
I also have to fix the clock here :)

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