The First Progress Report

26/09/05 | by admin [mail] | Categories: Announcements [A]

Well, I've had this domain name for over a year, and have slowly started to add useful things to it.
The aim is 'gentle subversion', and more specifically aimed at intellectual property. Human creativity is one of the few resources that doesn't look like running out, or being swamped by overpopulation or environmental change. Our inventiveness is the only thing that can save us in the long term. It needs to be encouraged for the good of humanity.

To this end, the site currently has some links to various organisations concerned with intellectual property.

I have been working on getting a board up and running. I actually had it set up, but the settings were lost in a crash. I am going to see which is the easiest way to get it back up.

I also hope to have a listserve running, and also to make some blog entries.

I have some subdomains concerned with more personal interests, and they will probably conflate to a degree with the broader purpose of FreeIP. This blogsite contains a section for some of my other interests, and the board will probably have sections for these other obsessions.

The other obsessions are at the moment, Mac hacking/modding/upgrades, and the Amiga. As you can see, both have a creative and subversive edge :)

What progress has been made so far?

Well, I've set up the mail server. I have completed index pages for the mainsite, my personal subdomain, and the Amiga subdomain. I have added some links, and a mail to admin link on the main page.

I still need to upload indexes for the store subdomain, and the mac subdomain. There are also some dead links on the main site, and an error on one of the amiga pages links.

I also need to fix the board and add links to the board on the index pages.
I also need to link to the blog from the index pages, and add some kind of link on the blog links back to the main sites.

The look and feel generally needs work, but this can wait.
I also need more complete pages on the subdomains, especially for the store.

I might also look at possible revenue streams for the site. Something non-intrusive, but possibly I will just have the store.

When things are a bit more complete (no dead links, and the board is up). I will start getting the site 'out there'.

But now, I am going to add some entries to My Pootas and fix some of the dead links and add some links.


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FreeIP Progress Blog

This is where I am meant to keep progress notes on what I am adding to the site and maintainence works and things like that. Hopefully, I will add to it :)

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